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      Budget passed for Escanaba Area Public Schools

      The Escanaba Area Public Schools held a board of education meeting Monday where they formally adopted the school's budget for the upcoming year, which is approximately $22.2 million. But in order to balance that budget, they'll be dipping into their rainy day fund to make sure they can run the school district. The budget amount is a little bit lower than last year because they're getting less money from the state. They're also anticipating their expenditures to go up.

      "It's based on the best information we know today. Things could change. Our enrollment could increase, which we hope. The state could provide us more money, which we hope. But at least school districts have to have a budget that's been passed by the board of education by June 30th," said Escanaba Area Public Schools Superintendent, Michele Lemire.

      The board also awarded a bid to Roy Ness to fix up walls that have rusted at the bus garage.