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      Building a home all in one day

      The makings of a home

      Volunteers helped build a home in Ishpeming Township Saturday.

      This was the first home of the season for the Marquette Habitat for Humanity.

      Around 15 professional builders along with college students helped with what is called a blitz build which means the house was completed all in one day.

      "We normally like to come on board for the first house and give it a punch start of the season. We're going to be building four houses this year and we have to start somewhere so this will punch start getting it done in one day. These other houses will end up taking weeks to a month to get framed in," said Dr. Carol Hicks, retired professor, NMU.

      A total of 90 homes have been built within the last 20 years since Habitat for Humanity has been in Marquette.