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      Building relationships with seniors on Easter

      More than 30 volunteers came together for Little Brothers' annual Easter dinner.

      Baked ham, roasted potatoes, veggies, salad, punch, and dessert were included on the menu.

      This was a meal to form bonds between seniors and volunteers.

      Longtime volunteer, Ken Steiner, says older people deserve to be shown appreciation and not be forgotten.

      "Most of the people we'll serve here today...their families are not around. They've either left, or they're not available anymore. Even though they have family they will come here, because it's a whole fellowship. It's friendship and community. It's very nice," said Steiner.

      For many volunteers it's not only serving a hot meal to the elderly, it's also getting the chance to sit down and build relationships with them.

      Michigan Tech's Tau Kappa Epilson fraternity members helped prepare the hall and serve meals.

      John Hagopian says TKE enjoys participating every year.

      "It's nice to have the elderly when you're walking in Walmart say, 'Hey, I remember you...when you served me a meal on Sunday during Easter.' It's just a nice feeling," said Hagopian.

      People like John and all the volunteers leave a positive impact on the older generation.

      "It's just made me realize how many good people there are that are willing to help out and take care of us older people...people that are alone. So it's appreciated," said Leola Dahl.