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      Building towards spring

      It doesn't feel like spring yet. However, now is a good time to start thinking about house projects you want to do once the snow melts. The U.P. Builder's Show might be able to help you with some ideas.

      With 130 vendors at the U.P. Builder's Show, you'll be able to find tips, solutions, and manpower that can help you with most of your home projects.

      "We have ATVs for a construction site, we have roofing vendors, we have appliance vendors, we also have window vendors," said Co-Chair Jamie Tomczyk.

      If you think this is a very manly show, think again.

      "For the ladies we have appliances and furniture, cookware, landscaping, anything that you can imagine, anything that you want to do in your home, you can find it here," said Co-Chair Jennifer Lammi.

      In addition to the typical kitchen remodel or landscaping project, you might want to think about making your home more high tech with keyless locks, a programmable thermostat, or even lights that you can control by remote.

      The cold and heating costs have been a big issue this winter. You'll find businesses with answers on how your home can become more energy efficient. There are a number of options, in insulation.

      "The primary advantage of spray foam is that it air seals the surface that you're insulating, so you eliminate drafts that you would typically get with fiberglass insulation," said Jesse Coats of Enviro-Foam.

      The best part is being able to compare prices with all of the vendors while you are here to help you save the most money.

      With all of this in mind, now is the time to get your ideas together so you're ready once the weather breaks.

      The show runs until Sunday and admission is $3.