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      Bump in the road for Iron Ore Heritage Trail

      Ely Township residents rejected a .2 millage request for a third time that would have funded paving portions of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. The section of trail in Ely Township is state owned. It'll be open to the public but will not have restrictions on motorized or non-motorized sections.

      "We thought we wouldn't come out here until we were ready to work so that the people didn't have to provide their money to other parts of the trail. So, now we're here and we could've built the trail up to this road, County Road 478, which is in Ely Township, but now we'll have to stop at the Tilden-Ely Township line," said Carol Fulsher of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail Recreation Authority.

      By July 1, a portion of the trail connecting Marquette and Negaunee is expected to be completed.