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      Burglar sentenced to prison

      A 24-year old Manistique man was sentenced Thursday in Schoolcraft County Circuit Court. Michael Alan Olson was charged with multiple counts of burglary related offenses. His co-defendant in the crime, Samantha Jo Jenerou's pre-trial was rescheduled.

      Olson was sentenced to 48 months to 20 years in prison for one count of home invasion, first degree. He received 48 to 15 years for home invasion, second degree and was sentenced to 23-months to 10 years for a third count of home invasion. Olson told the judge, "I can't begin to describe how sorry I am."

      "I take your words to heart, Mr.. Olson, that you want to make some changes. You'll have the opportunity to make some changes. but there also has to be a factor of punishment," said Schoolcraft County Circuit Court Judge William Carmody. The sentences will run concurrent and additional charges were dismissed. Olson was also ordered to pay $26,000.