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      Burning off those Turkey Day calories

      After getting their Thanksgiving fill, dozens of YMCA members in Marquette worked to burn off those calories.

      Each year the YMCA hosts Fitness Feast, a marathon of fitness classes the day after turkey day. The five-part series included zumba, cycling, and core training group exercises among other sessions.

      Fitness instructors say working out as a group can be more engaging than just hitting the treadmill.

      "You go to a class, you get to know the members, you get to know the instructors, and it becomes fun. You get to know the music; you start singing along," said Joanne Wolford, a fitness instructor at the YMCA. "I think people just work harder when they're in that group."

      More classes are likely to be added to the schedule following January 1.

      The YMCA sees its highest enrollment after the New Year, thanks, of course, to those New Year's resolutions.