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      Busiest shipping day of the year

      Monday is the biggest shipping day of the year for the local Escanaba UPS store, with shipping volumes as much as four times the usual amount.

      Store co-owner, Susie Lynch, is working longer hours and brining in additional help Monday and through the rest of the holiday season.

      As it gets closer to the holiday, she recommends bringing in packages sooner, rather than later. However, for those last minute packages, there are faster shipping options, such as air mail.

      The added volume does not necessarily bring about added stress. Lynch notices customers this time of year tend to be in good cheer.

      "They're in the spirit. There's a lot of Christmas cookies being sent and toy to grandkids. So everybody's feeling the Christmas spirit," said Lynch.

      Items can be self packaged or brought to your local shipping location to be boxed.