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      Business gathers signatures against sex trafficking

      The FBI has released data from a 72-hour nationwide child sex trafficking sting called "Operation Cross Country" that revealed Detroit has a large trafficking problem.

      One Upper Peninsula business is trying to help put a stop to child trafficking and is making some headway. The Paul Mitchell hairdressing school in Escanaba began a petition that they hope will get President Obama's attention. Approximately 100 Paul Mitchell schools nationwide are involved in the petition.

      "Just our school with about 29 students, we have gotten over 2,000 signatures just in our school," said Jessica Lynch, "and we are ninth in the nation right now for signatures."

      The school got the signatures by networking with family and friends. They are also asking the public to sign an online petition by texting their first and last name and zip code to: hope032@13A.me.

      The 13A petition seeks to end child and sex slavery in both the U.S. and globally.