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      Business is booming for full-size truck dealers

      This past August brought a 16 percent jump in full-size pickup truck sales across the nation, making it the strongest sales month since August of 2009 according to Autodata Corp. Local auto dealers have seen similar increases in truck sales in Marquette Township.

      Business is booming at auto dealers in Marquette Township. In fact, sales on all vehicles have been up, especially for full-size pickup trucks. A spike in truck sales in the pre-winter months is not unusual, but this past August was better than most. "I think basically the big reason is rebates are big. They have quite a bit of money on them right now they're offering. Plus the dealership...we're giving great discounts on them," said Marty Rose, sales manager at Fox Marquette.

      These large vehicles offer many advantages on the road, and for many, these are work tools with a large towing capacity and plenty of room to move whatever you need. Thanks to advances in technology, trucks, like the Ford F-150, are even becoming more gas efficient.

      "I drive one personally myself. I get upwards of 23 miles per gallon on the highway. That's unheard of in full-size pickups," Rose said.

      The Ford F-150 has been one of Fox Marquette's top sellers. It's a large work vehicle that can comfortably fit a family of five. Frei Chevrolet has had similar success with the Chevy Silverado.

      The Chevy Silverado offers many similar advantages, and these are versatile vehicles that can come with a variety of custom features. When it comes to purchasing a truck of your own, make sure it has what you need. If you transport more people than yourself, get a truck with enough cab space, and if you plan on driving through harsh U.P. winters, then you're going to need four-wheel drive. Jim Grundstrom, owner of Frei Chevrolet, is optimistic that sales will remain high.

      "I think that there's a lot of economic opportunity and growth in the central Upper Peninsula, and I think we will see consistent growth in full-size truck sales now and into next year without a doubt," said Grundstrom.

      If demand stays high, then you can also expect a higher trade in value for your full-size truck.