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      Business offers gym class while school is canceled

      With no school for two days and many districts canceling classes on Wednesday, the U.P. SportsPlex is offering a place for the kids to at least get some gym class.

      For $10, the SportsPlex offers a place to drop your kids off from noon to 6 p.m. With a roller rink, tennis courts and a turf room for dodge ball and football, staff at the SportsPlex say this is one of the reasons why they set up the place.

      "The winters are so long in Marquette; there's not a lot of indoor recreation opportunities for kids and having the children of our community, with these cold temps, come inside and play all day has been really a fun couple of days and has been very successful so far," said Doug Smith of the UP SportsPlex.

      Smith also said quite a few parents were also playing alongside the kids at the facility. They also offer drop-in gym class for adults that includes tennis, skating and an indoor driving range.