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      Business owner back in court on drug charges

      Michael Jestila has been in the news recently with the closure of adult novelty store Backroom Obsessions in Marquette due to drug related issues and now has also been arrested in Houghton on drug related charges.

      Jestila was arraigned in court on a two count felony warrant on Thursday. The charges include one count of possession of cocaine, heroin or another narcotic, which is a 20 year felony. The second charge is possession of a controlled substance which is a two year felony.

      "The drugs that we are talking about are not the street drugs of yesterday," said Chief John Donnelly of the Houghton Police Department. "These are synthetic drugs, they had to be tested. We had to wait on the results from them being tested and there were other court proceedings that were going on in other counties."

      Jestila was forced to close Backroom Obsessions in Marquette as part of an agreement involving drug charges. He has been barred from operating a business in Marquette County, but still has a similar business located in Houghton.

      Jestila will be back in court for a preliminary examination on March 28.