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      Businesses connect after hours in Escanaba

      It's a chance for businesses to network, learn about each othersâ?? operations and share ideas. It's Business After Hours, and TV6 held one Wednesday night at Pacinoâ??s in Escanaba.

      Businesses that belong to the Delta County Chamber of Commerce can save some money and help out the chamber at the same time. It's as easy as switching natural gas suppliers from DTE to Integrys Energy Services. That's because Integrys is offering a deal.

      â??The discount is actually coming from the market prices in the marketplace,â?? explains Integrys representative, Julie Cowling. â??There is a $25 contribution made back to the Delta County Chamber."

      There's no fee to enroll in the Integrys 12-month program, and those switching will see no change in billing.

      However, not all Chamber members are signing on to the program.

      â??So many of these ideas are really good on paper until you get down to the fine print,â?? explains Eric Nyman, owner of Nyman Jewelers. â??And there's a thorn or two in there. Iâ??m happy with what Iâ??ve got, and Iâ??m just going to stay there."

      There are over 25 businesses currently enrolled, and one signed up this Wednesday afternoon.

      â??That's what this program offers,â?? said Vickie Micheau, Executive Director of the Delta County Chamber of Commerce. â??It offers an absolute savings on our membership members who use natural gas products."

      â??And we are really seeing a great success with the chamber programs in getting a business-to-business selling concept going," Cowling said.

      The partnership helps support the Chamber of Commerce and strengthens the business community.