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      Buy, exchange, sell and trade on new website

      A brand new website has recently launched for those of you in the Copper Country and west. It's called "Keweenaw BEST" and BEST stands for buy, exchange, sell, and trade. The website creators say they noticed the lack of a social network where people can buy and sell items locally. They also say the site is like an ongoing rummage sale, and the website also features a place for local farmers to easily get their produce and livestock into the marketplace.

      "The goal is to help community members connect more and also be able to share their resources with each other," said Website Developer, Jonathan Soper. "A big emphasis of our site is on barter and trade. We try to make that a big point when people are making a listing, and they have the option to do that."

      Other features on the site include a "share a ride" bulletin board, lost pets, and announcements from local businesses.