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      Bye bye to buying bath salts

      It is now illegal to sell synthetic marijuana or bath salts in the State of Michigan.

      Governor Rick Snyder signed bills banning synthetic marijuana, also known as 'K-2' and 'Spice,' as well as bath salts. One of the biggest problems with synthetic marijuana was that drug makers were constantly changing the formula, making it difficult for police to press charges. The new bills are countering that by allowing the Department of Health to declare health dangers when other synthetic drugs pop up.

      "It's going to really give us a lot more authority in addressing these issues, which have become a major problem in our community. It's going to give us a lot more ability to take enforcement actions on people who choose to use this stuff, sell it, and bring it into our community," said Captain Blake Rieboldt of the Marquette City Police.

      Synthetic marijuana has been available in stores as a mix of dried herbs and spices sprayed with chemicals.