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      Cabelaâ??s National Walleye Tour positively impacting local economy

      The Cabelaâ??s National Walleye Tour is coming to Escanaba this weekend. Although it doesnâ??t start for a few more days, many of the fishermen are already here, supporting our businesses.

      About 100 boats with two angerâ??s each are expected to be in town for this tour.

      According to the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, an event this size is expected to bring about $150,000 to our community. They say itâ??s a win-win for both parties.

      â??Itâ??s really great for these events how the community really comes together,â?? said Chamber of Commerce associate director Sheila Krueger. â??We have sponsorship opportunities, we have people that donate breakfast for the fishermen. They treat them well while theyâ??re here and everybody contributes to the overall mission of getting people back to our great area.â??

      Many of the fishermen are staying in our hotels for a whole week, and the hotels say rely on this income.

      â??One of the things we have come to depend on over the years is the number of fishing tournaments that weâ??re able to acquire just because of the impact they have on the lodging properties and itâ??s a very positive impact for us,â?? said Americaâ??s Best Value Inn owner, Gary Micheau.

      While the fishermen are staying here, theyâ??re purchasing our goods and services.

      â??Fishermen buying ice, buying our premium gasoline that doesnâ??t have ethanol in it,â?? said Will Carne of Carneâ??s BP. â??Itâ??s just a big increase in business. We really appreciate it.â??

      The chamber said it isnâ??t just about this event specifically, itâ??s about creating a lasting impact on both the visitors and our economy.

      â??The biggest part is that we hope that when they come here for tournaments like this, their wife, their children will say come on back weâ??re going to head back up to Delta County and visit again,â?? Krueger said.

      The event starts Thursday with registration. Friday and Saturday the anglers launch from the Escanaba River Mouth Launch and take off from the Ludington Park Harbor then meet back at the harbor at 3:00 for weigh-ins.