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      Cadets train to become Army Strong

      This battalion is called the Artic Warriors, and they're certainly living up to their name as all 50 cadets complete field training in frigid rain and snow.

      "You always have to adjust to the variables," says Stephanie LaMore, a senior cadet. "It teaches you good survival techniques and then how to adapt to different weather."

      The warriors are spending the entire weekend outside and have their shelters up and ready to go.

      "We come out on Friday night, do land navigation," explains Cadet Command Sgt. Major Christopher Sherrill. "Then Saturday we do tactical evaluations and Sunday we do rigorous training."

      This training is done twice a year and is completely run by cadets. The upperclassmen hand out orders, and it's up to the student soldiers to carry out the missions.

      Cadet LaMore says these tactical training missions shape soldiers "to be stronger mentally."

      "That could help with anything you do in life," she adds.

      They may not be officially on military duty yet, but with the help of this training, they'll graduate Army Strong and ready.