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      Calm weekend, storms in the distance

      It's a cool weekend here in Upper Michigan. A northwest wind ahead of a high pressure system is keeping temperatures below normal, though not as much as last weekend.

      Saturday's highs will be in the 60s to low 70s, coolest near Lake Superior. There will be some clouds in the daytime, but with each passing hour, the high pressure center gets closer and closer. That means that clouds will slowly dissipate and winds will slowly weaken in strength.

      Saturday's lows will sink mainly into the 40s, coolest near Wisconsin. Conditions will be mostly calm and clear. Some clouds will linger east.

      Sunday's highs will be a couple degrees warmer, but still on the cool side. Winds will weakly persist out of the north for the first part of that day keeping it cool, but sunny conditions will make it feel warmer. As the high pressure center moves overhead, conditions should be calm and pleasant later in the day.

      Sunday's lows will drop into the 40s to low 50s. Winds will be calm, meaning that without a northerly or southerly flow, the shorelines will be the mildest and the inland areas will be coolest. Some clouds will begin to move in from the west.

      Monday will be a little warmer and cloudier with a chance for some light rain. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be warmer, but Tuesday night into Wednesday may see some thunderstorms with a cold front that will roll through. We'll keep a close eye on it as it approaches.

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      Also, the Perseid Meteor Shower is approaching it's mid-August peak.