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      Calumet JROTC Cadet sees special meaning in Veteran's Day ceremony

      It is a day of gratitude. Veteranâ??s Day is a day our nation sets aside to honor and thank those who bravely served our country.

      Calumetâ??s Junior ROTC invited the public to their Veteranâ??s Day ceremony where the whole school was involved in reciting the pledge of allegiance, singing songs, and reading poetry and essays.

      For Cadet Capt. Becca Forsberg, the day has a very personal meaning.

      â??My grandfather was my favorite person ever,â?? explained Forsberg. â??When I talked to him about JROTC, because every year we do eighth grade orientation, I talked to him about it, and he said, â??Oh, I was in that!â?? and I said, â??Well, thereâ??s another opportunity to get attention from him.â??â??

      Forsberg said her late grandfather inspired her to follow in his footsteps, and though the high school senior hasnâ??t made a decision post-graduation, she has an idea in mind.

      â??If I were to join in, I think I would go with the Navy and maybe Counter Intelligence,â?? she said. â??Thatâ??s exactly what my grandpa did.â??

      For other junior cadets, remembering what our veterans did for our nation speaks directly to what theyâ??re trying to accomplish through the JROTC program.

      â??Itâ??s very easy to forget all the sacrifices that they made, and so by putting on this program, it just brings it back into focus what they did, how important what they did really was, and what our nation is really about,â?? said Cadet Lt. Col. Dana Spelich.

      Veterans who came to the ceremony were given thank-you cards from elementary students and a round of applause in appreciation.

      Forsberg said it makes her feel even more grateful for her grandfather and confident about following in his steps.

      â??I joined just because I wanted to make him happy about something, and I ended up loving it, and this is my fourth year in it now,â?? she said.