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      Calumet opens new pool hall

      In a town that typically closes down early, a new place in Calumet, offering family fun in the evenings, is the U.P. Pool Hall.

      The business, whose doors opened on 6th Street just one month ago, boasts a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other pool halls: it doesnâ??t serve alcohol.

      Owner David Henze said he thought of the idea when he came across some pictures and equipment from the old Calumet pool hall of the â??70s.

      â??Thereâ??s no place to go for kids or teenagers to shoot pool that doesnâ??t involve drinking alcohol,â?? said Henze. â??So, thatâ??s what we were looking for is a family establishment, but also a serious pool hall where serious players can come.â??

      Local residents have already begun to take advantage of its regulation pool tables, equipment services, and billiards classes.

      â??Gives a place where kids can go and have some fun and people who donâ??t like to go to a place that maybe is a little more dangerous to go to,â?? said Calumet resident, Jerry Mitchell.

      Not only can people come by in the evenings and play just for fun, they also have some tournaments that go on during the weekends.

      â??They have BCA (Billiard Congress of America) rules and money tournaments, which are going to attract a lot of people up here from probably Wisconsin, Minnesota, and downstate Michigan, and I think thatâ??s going to be an exciting thing to see some really good pool shooters come up here,â?? Mitchell added.

      Henze said he hopes to attract people to the town and to inspire other pool halls to open.

      â??I would like to see, ten years down the road from now, at least two or three opened up in the U.P.,â?? he said.

      For more information about the U.P. Pool Hall, visit their website here .