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      Calumet readies for PastyFest 2013

      Calumet is preparing for its tenth annual PastyFest that starts Friday night and goes through Saturday evening.

      PastyFest was created to celebrate the iconic food unique to Upper Michigan. The pasty was brought to the U.P. by Cornish miners over 100 years ago.

      The parade begins Saturday at 11 a.m. on Fifth Street, and the festivities continue at Agassiz Park throughout the day.

      PastyFest coordinators said the festival is about bringing the community together to have a good time to celebrate Calumet's history.

      â??Although the mission of PastyFest is to have fun, it's also a demonstration of how diverse groups of people came together and exchanged each others' customs and foods, and in this case, we signified that with the pasty,â?? said Main Street Calumet Executive Director, Tom Tikkanen.

      PastyFest will also have music, kids' games, and the annual pasty bake-off in the afternoon.