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      Camp removes kids from comforts of home

      Covenant Point Bible Camp offers children a unique form of sleep away. Junior high school students are sent to Island Camp--an eight acre island in the middle of Hagerman Lake in Iron River.

      ??They live in tents, let go of technology and a lot of the comforts of home,?? says Covenant Point Director Erik Strom.

      The island has confidence courses that include zip lines and rock climb walls to force kids out of their comfort zones and help them overcome both physical and mental hurdles.

      ??It allows them to grow in how they understand themselves and work together as part of a team,?? Erik says.

      Another twist is that for the entire week, there are no sweets, sodas or electronic devices of any kind allowed on the island.

      ??I think it's fun because there's nothing to distract you,?? says camper Hannah Soderstrom.

      Campers said they were worried at first, but the adventurous activities make time fly.