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      Campers enjoy the great outdoors at Camp Batawagama

      Every year kids all over the country attend summer camp. Some cannot wait to go and do all the traditional camp activities. Others may be hesitant to leave home for the first time. But by the end of the week it is always the same; the campers never want to leave.

      Camp Batawagama in Crystal Falls has 168 campers this week from all over the world. The campers will take swim lessons every morning then participate in activities like archery, arts and crafts, overnight camping and a camp dance at the end of the week.

      â??This camp, there is nothing like itâ?? said Katie Menard, Camp Counselor. â??It is such a nice, peaceful place and for those who have never been here, you definitely want to come.â??

      Built in 1939, Camp Batawagama is a nonprofit owned by Iron County.

      â??Itâ??s cool to see that we are sponsored by Iron County and the taxpayers pay for this campâ?? said Tanner Mayo, Camp Counselor. â??We see the kids come in from Iron County and we really love that aspect because itâ??s their parents that are paying for us to be here and for us to come.â??

      After the Great Depression, many people were able to find jobs by building this camp. Many of the cabins are the originals from when the camp first opened in 1945.

      â??This is a great place for kids to experience over the summer where they can come and be kids and get away from the real world for a whileâ?? said Adam Gessler, Assistant Program Director.

      Many of the counselors were once campers here that just couldnâ??t get away.

      â??Itâ??s pretty much my home away from homeâ?? said Menard. â??Everything about here is just beautiful.â??