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      Camping creatively in the classroom

      First graders at Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee are getting exposed to camping, just in time for summer.

      Camp Skeeter is the name of the three day unit that has tied in a variety of lessons with a camping theme. The kids have been writing camping words, reading campfire stories, and practicing their counting with gummy worms.

      Transforming the classroom into a campground has created a valuable learning environment, according to one teacher.

      "We kind of would like to give kids some ideas of what camping is all about," said Lakeview Elementary Teacher Joellyn Kainulainen. "If they've never been camping, kind of give them a little exposure to that and safety ideas for if they are kids who are out camping. Safety concerns around the fire and stuff like that."

      On Monday the students hiked to Miner's Park in Negaunee.

      They even ate marshmallows around their classroom fire.