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      Camping on a budget

      If you are looking to spend some time in the great outdoors, you will want to make sure you are well-equipped.

      Your first stop is to the local sporting goods store. New camping gear can be pricey, however, buying quality gear can save you money over the years.

      â??A little bit of an investment goes a long way. Everything we sell here at the store is all name brand. We have The North Face, Mountain Hardware, Osprey Backpacksâ?|theyâ??re quality gear that will last you a lifetime,â?? said Arni Ronis, co-owner of Down Wind Sports.

      Experts say most camping gear comes with a warranty, and if the items are damaged, you can send them back to the manufacturer for repair.

      And when it comes to camping, experts say there are a few things you will definitely want to have.

      â??Everyone needs a good sleeping bag, and youâ??ll need some kind of a shelter, albeit, as simple as a tarp, but I would highly recommend a tent with some kind of screen,â?? Ronis said.

      Most campers agree that bugs can be a nuisance, especially mosquitoes. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on those sprays that may or may not work, try using an orange peel. You can rub it on your face and arms, and it acts as a natural bug repellant.

      Before you start braving the elements, the DNR has a few tips on where you can set up your campsite.

      â??We have our state forest campgrounds. State forest campgrounds offer a more rustic type of camping experience, our developed park facilities, and thereâ??s also an opportunity to do what we call dispersed camping on state forest land,â?? said Don Mankee, the DNR Unit Manager for Baragaâ??s Forest Resource Division.

      There is also one more thing you will need while dispersed camping: you are required to have a Camp Registration Card. It is free of charge, and you can find it on the DNR website by clicking here.