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      Camping on a budget

      Going camping is a great way to get away from everything and relax, but you may be hesitant to go camping because you're on a budget.

      You don't have to spend a fortune on camping equipment that you might only use a few times out of the year. For the day or two you want to spend in the woods, you can rent camping gear from NMU'S recreational center.

      "From backpacks to sleeping pads, sleeping bags. We have tents. We have cook-sets so if you need any kind of cookware to cook over a fire or open flame, all of that would be here and at really reasonable prices," said Katie Theut, recreational manager.

      For under $70, you can rent basic camping gear, including a four-person size tent, for three days. They also offer daily and weekly rentals.

      Now if you've never gone camping before, you might want to consider Camping 101. It's a program offered at Baraga State Park.

      Camping 101 is sponsored by North Face as a way to teach people how to camp. It's a two-night program so a family can participate for $20 which includes the equipment. It's at a safe environment with staff who will teach you how to use the gear.

      "We show them how to use a cook stove. We show them how to use a lantern; we also place them near a campground host who are experienced campers. We provide them with lists of what to bring, what types of food to bring. We also talk to them about safety in the outdoors," said Kelly Somero, Baraga State Park.

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