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      Camping with a tent or RV?

      With summer underway you might be thinking of going camping.

      So, what kind of camping experience are you looking for?

      Before backpacking into the woods there are a few basic essentials you should gear up with.

      You will need a backpack, tent, sleeping bag and pad, cook wear, water filter, and food.

      "So the best thing to do is find out where you are going and what you want that equipment to do for you. Get professionally sized up for items so that it's comfortable to wear and sleep in. It will make your experience that much more better," said Bill Thompson, Down Wind Sports.

      Depending on the quality of the gear a tent can run anywhere from $150-500.

      A small family can go camping with all the gear needed, for less than a thousand dollars.

      However, you can also try camping with a trailer or RV.

      "Primarily a lot of weekend camping or three day weekend. When you get into something such as what we're in it's going to be more extended stay. They may camp for example at Michigamme Shores. There are people who set up for the whole summer," said Dave Korpi, Hilltop RV.

      Some thing very basic like a travel trailer or fold down will run between $10,000-20,000.

      Now if you are looking for more comfort and say something like a home a way from home a 5th wheel is more ideal.

      A 5th wheel has plenty of space, storage, bigger bedroom and bathroom.

      It runs between $50,000-100,000.