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      Can the couple that exercises together, stay together?

      We all know working out is good for you, but can exercise benefit both your body and your relationship? One Ishpeming couple says it can and that they've never felt stronger. The gym may not seem like a romantic outing, but Michael and Kristen Grandz believe its one of the best ways to strengthen themselves, both physically and emotionally. ??We first started as a way to get back in shape after our twins were born,?? said Michael. ??Trying to do as much as we can together, keep each other motivated.?? The pair believes it not only helps them shed stress but keeps them focused on a shared goal. Wife Kristen adds. ??it just helps us grow in our relationship.?? Even staff at gyms say they notice more clients signing up with significant others. Anytime Fitness staff member, Eric Trudgeon, says ??a lot of couples?? sign up together. ??They develop a bond,?? he added. ??They both come in with a smile on their face.?? A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that couples who exercise together are more likely to stick with the fitness routine. However, other studies say staying motivated isn??t the only benefit. A different study by the University of Arkansas linked exercising to a better sex life. The data revealed that exercise contributed to an increase in energy and levels of attractiveness, which stimulate sexual desire and performance.