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      Can 'The Edge' help you?

      Think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Well if you do, you might have what it takes to win a business contest, too.

      The E-Loft is teaming up with other local businesses to help give "anyone with a great business idea" the chance to live out their dream.

      "The unique aspect of this competition is not the competition itself, but it's the fact that we have a number of businesses who are experts in their field who have rallied together to bring their expertise to the winning entrepreneur," said E-Loft President, David Saint-Onge.

      "The Edge" competition will give the winner a prize package worth up to $10,000. The package includes consulting services in various areas of business, including accounting, management, and web strategy.

      "The winner has the opportunity to then begin to work with that entire team of advisory panelists, all of those companies will start taking their business plan and making it a reality," Saint-Onge added.

      Almost every entrepreneur knows how difficult it can be to get started when creating a business from scratch.

      The Vierling in Marquette got its start 27 years ago and received counseling similar to the kind The Edge is offering, and it helped make the restaurant one of the most well-known spots in the area.

      "There were services that did help me. A lot of people looked after us, especially 27 years ago. Downtown Marquette was very quiet, so everybody really jumped in and gave us a lot of assistance. If it's a good, viable business plan, you're still going to need a lot of help and services, and anything free is good," said The Vierling owner and manager, Terry Doyle.

      So if you're an entrepreneur who thinks the business competition can help you, just log onto the website, type in all of your information, including your company name and group. Once you enter yourself into the contest, the finalists will be selected and notified by March 23.