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      Can you enjoy Valentine's Day on a budget?

      Valentine's Day is two weeks away, but now's the perfect time to plan your perfect gift.

      If you're wanting to keep the gifts traditional, like flowers and jewelry, it's possible to make the day special without overspending.

      Nyman's Jewelers sells a lot of rings and pendants for Valentine's shoppers. A year ago they introduced a very affordable line of jewelry. Itâ??s called Kameleon, and it features interchangeable pops that can fit rings, earrings, and necklaces. The pops are priced about $29 to $54.

      So why do people stick with tradition?

      â??Jewelry is the one gift that always has the sentimental strings attached to it,â?? said Sue Parker, co-owner of Nymanâ??s. â??It always reminds you of something; like, if you're on vacation and you picked up a necklace."

      Flowers can be another romantic and affordable option. A dozen roses can cost around $70. A less expensive alternative is a mixed bouquet of carnations and roses, which costs around $40.

      â??The thought of them coming in here and sending it to them at work is important,â?? explains Gordon Cashen, owner of Wickert Floral. â??Because when a lady gets flowers at work, all the other ladies see it. Not only does it make her feel special that day, but our flowers will last for two weeks or longer."

      The flower shop will have about 140 walk-ins on Valentine's Day and around 150 orders for deliveries called on that day as well.

      Ben Booker says he doesn't intend to procrastinate.

      â??It just always ends up better,â?? said Booker. â??If I put it off, I might not be able to get her the things I want to get her."

      There are still 14 days left, and you may be able to save even more money by planning or budgeting in advance.