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      Can you hear the buzzing? Mosquito season is upon us

      Mosquito season is upon us in Michigan, and we talked with the Department of Natural Resources to see what we're up against when we head outdoors.

      According to the DNR, we're just starting to see the pesky insects this season. Standing water and warming temperatures set up ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

      If you're getting ready to head out into the woods soon, the DNR does have some tips on how you can keep the bugs away.

      "They'll come out en masse as the weather gets warmer, most of the time more abundant as the light goes down in the evening and at night, but you'll get them during the day as well, and the females are out looking for blood meals, and that's who we are, their hosts. So if you want to avoid them, you can stay inside or wear light clothing and spray a little DEET on you," said Bob Heyd of the DNR.

      Heyd also said parents should use caution with repellents containing DEET. The chemical is absorbed into the skin, so infants and toddlers should not be sprayed directly.

      Michigan has more than fifty different species of mosquitoes.