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      Cancer care aided differently by local organization

      A non-profit organization in Iron Mountain is helping serve those with cancer in a unique way.

      The Dickinson County Cancer Unit loan closet provides residents with the resources they need in their fight against cancer.

      They have already helped over 2,000 area residents, cancer and non-cancer, by loaning medical equipment. They also offer financial aid to help with prescription drugs and travel expenses for treatment for cancer-related health problems.

      "The support that we get from the community is just outstanding," said President Paul Elliott. "It seems every time we turn around, there's another organization; I mentioned, your bigger businesses, even the high school students, different classes will do fundraisers."

      All of the resources are at no cost to the patient, according to organizers. The unit is run by dedicated volunteers and organizers from around the Dickinson County area. They are open Monday through Friday and most Saturdays.