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      Cancer increase in younger women?

      A new study shows an increase in breast cancer incidents among younger women.

      The increase has been over the last three years in ages 25 to 39.

      The study was done by the Journal of the American Medical Association. It tracked the increase among younger women, but says that more research needs to be done to verify the findings. Doctors and experts encourage younger women to see a doctor if there is any suspicious lumps or chest pain.

      "We determine what is the most appropriate age for that person to start regular mammogram screenings and if they have any abnormalities, if they notice any lumps, then we encourage them to contact their health provider right away," said RN Barbara Robinson.

      The cause of the small increase is still relatively unknown. The American Cancer Society is telling people to not be frightened of the findings, but rather that we should be more aware of our bodies and take precautions.