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      Cancer prevention study draws crowds in Houghton

      Casandra Mattila showed up an hour early at Relay for Life in Houghton to make sure she was first in line to sign up for the American Cancer Societyâ??s Cancer Prevention Study-3.

      â??I was all in as soon as I heard about it on the radio. I was like, I need to get there,â?? said Casandra.

      Itâ??s a 20-year long study Houghton was chosen for by the ACS that analyzes how environment and lifestyle can affect a personâ??s chances for having cancer. The ACSâ??s goal is to have 300,000 participants across the country between the ages of 30 and 65 that have never had cancer.

      â??I have not had cancer, and if I can help a study go fight for cancer, I will be there,â?? Casandra said.

      Registrants filled out a survey to make sure they qualified, had waist measurements taken, and blood drawn.

      Nurses and volunteers were on hand to make sure the process went smoothly.

      â??Iâ??m at the last station right before the blood draw, so making sure everybody is still willing and OK to do that,â?? said CPS-3 (Cancer Prevention Study-3) volunteer Susan Mattila.

      â??Itâ??s really not that hard,â?? Casandra added. â??All it is, is filling out a little survey, giving a little bit of blood, and being committed to fill out a survey every two years.â??

      Casandra said she has had many family members and friends affected by cancer, and as a mother, she wants the best future for her children.

      â??I have six kids of my own, and so if I can give a fighting chance to find any cure to it so my kids and any other children from here on out, Iâ??m there,â?? Casandra said.