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      Candidate running against Benishek meets in Iron Mountain

      A candidate for Congress for the first district of Michigan, which includes the entire Upper Peninsula, was in Iron Mountain on Wednesday evening to meet with area residents. Candidate Jerry Cannon from downstate met at the local Laborers' Union to introduce himself and explain why he's running for Congress.

      Cannon is a Vietnam veteran who later became a Major General in the Michigan Army National Guard which toured in Iraq. Cannon was also employed as a police officer and sheriff of Kalkaska County. He says he's frustrated with incumbent Dan Benishek's record in Washington and the current issues there. â??The Sequester, the shutdown, and the debt ceiling,â?? said Cannon. â??None of those are in the best interest of the country, of the state, and most importantly, this district. The list goes on; there are countless things that our congressman has voted for that has not been in the best interest of the district or the people who live here.â??

      Among other issues, Cannon said he's passionate about small businesses and making sure they thrive in Michigan, as well as focusing on preserving our environment. He said heâ??s saddened to see many jobs leaving local communities and is hoping he can work to improve these economies to encourage growth.