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      Candidates meet and greet with voters

      Voters don't always get to meet their local candidates up close and personal, but on Thursday they were able to.

      The Marquette Alger Great Start Collaborative and the Upper Peninsula Children's Coalition hosted a meet and greet, where the public could meet candidates for state and local offices, and listen to what they had to say.

      "It's important that people hear about the candidates, what they're about, what they're for, so that they can know their candidates, and when they go to vote, they can vote intelligently," said Great Start Collaborative Director Kathy Lammi.

      At the meet and greet, the common theme was children.

      "We hope that when the candidates are elected, when they go to make a decision on a bill, that they think about children, and how it's going to affect their lives because investment in children is so important," Lammi said.

      Cheryl Hill and George Hyde, who are running against each other for Marquette County Probate Court Judge weighed in.

      "Certainly children are really the focus of the probate court judge's position, and I'm more than happy to talk about the kids and how we can best serve our youngest members in the community. They can't vote, but they are certainly very important to the community," said Hill.

      "I have a five year old daughter, so I live it every day. And I am interested in a safe community. I'm interested in having all children receive the tools necessary to be successful, and that's my goal," said Hyde.

      Candidates have just over a month to get their message to voters.