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      Candy Cane Adoption

      If you're looking to accept a pet into your home for the holidays, the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has a Christmas deal that's tough to ignore.

      The Candy Cane Adoption Event gives new pet owners a deal. Just pick a candy cane at the shelter and you could save 10% to 50% on an adoption. If you're lucky, the adoption could be free if you get a candy cane that includes a sponsorship.

      The Candy Cane Adoption Event runs through Christmas Eve at 4pm.

      There are some 50 animals, from cats to dogs, rabbits to guinea pigs looking for a permanent home for the new year.

      Ann Brownell with UPAWS says, "We wanted to grant our shelter pets their wish and their wish is to be in a loving home for the holidays and forever more."

      To find out more about the the Candy Cane Adoption Event, click here.