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      Can't handle Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

      Find yourself doing something like this often because your hand or wrist hurts?

      Aaron Lautenschlager with Marquette General Therapies says you may be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

      "So there's a fibrous tunnel that runs through the wrist which includes nine tendons that go in your hand, and one senses structure of the median nerve. So whether the tendons swell up or if there's compression on the site, the nerve will get pinched. You will get numbness and tingling," said Lautenschlager.

      You may also experience numbness at night, while you're driving, or on your phone; pain that may even run up your arm and weakness.

      According to the Labor of Bureau Statistics, the number of people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has increased 770 percent over the last 10 years, with the main cause being work-related.

      You can get it if you're using your hands at your job for long periods of time, such as long periods of typing on the computer and even texting.

      Beth Milner writes: "I was having a lot of pain from my work of making jewelry."

      If the problem is left untreated too long, surgery is a possibility. However, early on it's easily treated by therapy.

      Rachelle Connon, also with Marquette General Therapies, says there are different ways of treatment--using ultrasound, medial nerve gliding techniques, and strengthening exercises.

      "Their main complaint is I'm dropping my cup, I'm afraid to lift things off the stove. So we will work on strengthening their hand back up," said Connon.ã??