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      Capital murder or self-defense?

      Jacques (Jack) Earl Carpenter, 52, was officially charged with one count of homicide and one count of a felony weapons charge after a preliminary hearing in Marquetteâ??s district court Friday.

      Carpenter faces the charges for allegedly shooting to death 29-year-old David Scott Meyer, Jr. on June 8, 2012.

      The primary witness at the hearing was Justin Saari, 31, who was with the defendant and the victim on the day of the shooting. Saari testified that there was a 20-minute argument and a scuffle over money between Carpenter and Meyer."Before I knew it, I saw a gun," said Saari.When asked what happened next by prosecuting attorney Matt Wiese, Saari testified that the defendant had the gun in the victimâ??s mouth, who screamed, "shoot me, shoot me!" Before he knew it, the gun went off."I didn't know what to do...he asked me if I could help him dump the body," Saari explained.He added that Carpenter then took a knife and placed it in Meyerâ??s hand, putting his prints on it, making the incident appear to be self-defense.Saari then testified that he lied to the defendant, telling him he would help him dispose of the victimâ??s body but that he needed to get gas."I just said, I need to get fuel but went to my girlfriendâ??s house and asked her what to do. I knew what to do and then went to the Sheriff's Department," Saari said.The defense attorney, Karl Numinen, returned, accusing the witness of lying about the incidents in all of his previous interviews with police adding that Saari will most likely be "indicted" because of them.Numinen pointed out that Saari had told law enforcement that the victim, David Meyer, "pulled a knife on Jack Carpenter and attacked him.""You told detectives that David Meyer was the aggressor, right? In fact you said David tried to stab him," insisted Numinen.The defense continued to stress in court that multiple police reports and documented interviews reveal Saari informed law enforcement that the victim had a knife and attempted to attack his client.

      "David Meyer had the knife and pulled the slide out...," the attorney said as he read Saariâ??s previous statement from a police interview."Did you lie to Detective Willey about David having the knife?" Numinen asked."I may have said some things that are unclear...he never had a knife in his hand," Saari responded."He says multiple times in multiple ways how this took place," Numinen stated in court.Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wiese also called a pathologist, Dr. George Alan Krzymowski, to the stand. Toxicology reports revealed significant amounts of drugs were discovered in the victimâ??s system including marijuana, methadone and Ritalin.

      The defendantâ??s attorney said his client will most likely go to trial.

      Carpenter will be back in court on March 15. If convicted, the Ishpeming man faces life in prison.