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      Capital outlay budget

      Planning for Marquette's new capital budget outlay is coming up in March. City commissioners toured city facilities and learned about proposed improvement projects.

      The Public Works department is looking to replace motor pool equipment including a grader, front end loader, and vac-cum truck costing nearly a million dollars. Also on the list is $450,000 to restore a water tank.

      "Many of the projects are just replacements of things which are part of facilities the public uses and demands on a regular basis," said Scott Cambensy, Public Works.

      As for the Water and Wastewater department, they have about a million dollars worth of projects. The biggest one is restoring water treatment equipment costing more than $200,000 and reconditioning fluoride systems.

      "This is a good tool to use to help not only us as department heads, but also the commissioners to learn about some of the requests we make and go from there," said Kurt Goodman, Wastewater plant.

      Mayor Johnny DePetro says their budget is $17 million. He says they need to look at all their options first.

      "Explaining all of the moving parts of the facilities and for us to see them firsthand, this is one of the best things for us commissioners to help us understand how these facilities function," DePetro said.

      Commissioners will meet again with department heads to discuss more about the improvements.

      It's happening next month in an open forum.