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      Caravan of Christmas calories

      Shopping is one way to burn off some calories, but there are better ways to knock off those pounds you gained during the holiday.

      Christmas time is associated with a high level of calories consumed during family festivities. The Daily Mail says an average person could eat an estimated 6,000 calories over Christmas and could take the average person over seven hours of exercising to burn it all off. However gym personnel say many won't do anything about it until after the New Year.

      "People generally are still in the holiday spirit right now. A lot of times people end up deciding that they want to push off the workouts until after the first of the year. We see a lot higher traffic January first through the next few months," said Brian Farley of Anytime Fitness.

      A 2012 New Year's resolution survey by the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania shows losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution goal.