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      Carnival turnout helps winter business

      It's one of the busiest weekends Houghton experiences in the winter. The Winter Carnival draws people from all over the U.P. during what is normally a slow period.

      Downtown businesses say they see an increase in the amount of traffic their stores receive while the Carnival is going on. And it's a great weekend for alumni to return.

      "It seems to be a huge alumni draw," explained Steve Krug, owner of the Lunch Bag. "We get a lot of returning people that have been here before. They're students from years gone by, so they come in and check out the other things, and I know a lot of them go back and check out their fraternities and just reconnect with the area and what they did when they were students."

      Businesses say they always enjoy Carnival weekend as it shows Michigan Tech and downtown Houghton working together.

      Visit MTU's official Winter Carnival website for updates through the all night event , and don't forget to watch all of the live action on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning's newscasts.

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