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      Casino confirms credit card fraud

      Guests and employees of the Island Resort Casino in Harris said their credit and debit card information was stolen.

      The reports were confirmed Friday by the casino.

      In a statement released on the casino's Facebook page, they said, "As soon as we started receiving these reports, we immediately began working with those affected to not only determine the source of the compromise but also to ensure that no other guests or employees would be affected by these unscrupulous acts of fraud."

      Island Resort Casino also said their systems are secure and uncompromised, the incidents were not an isolated event, and the fraud also occurred on a local and national level.

      TV6 contacted the casino and were directed to the Hannahville Tribal Police Department who is handling the case.

      We left a message with Police Chief Robin Halfaday and are awaiting a response.

      For the full statment from Island Resort Casino, click here.