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      Casperson calls out teen bear hunter's "bullies"

      Audrey Niemi, an Upper Michigan hunter bullied online after sharing a picture of a bear she killed while hunting

      Michigan Senator Tom Casperson has weighed in on Monday regarding reports of the online harassment of an Upper Peninsula teenager that showed a picture taken during a bear hunting trip with her father.

      "Bullies are as bullies do," said Casperson. "I won't keep silent about this mob of bullies any more than I'd put up with a gang of them in my kids' high school."

      The 18-year-old woman from Ontonagon says that she posted the picture of a bear she killed on Facebook, which was immediately attacked by online activists. Senator Casperson issued comments on how quickly the attacking got out of hand.

      "This girl takes a bear while she's hunting with her father, and she puts a photo of it on her Facebook page," Casperson added. "So the anti-hunting crowd starts posting comments about how they hope she ends up in a hunting accident and that they hope when she has kids that somebody kills them. Of course, that's not enough to satisfy their hatefulness. They harass her with calls to her workplace, and then some of them try to find out exactly where she lives. Anyone who doesn't have their head in the sand should see that as a flaming red flag."

      The Department of Natural Resources says that the photo appears to be a bear that is at least a yearling, but the actual age of the animal is determined by an analysis of a tooth which is taken during registration. That information will be known at a later date.

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