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      Casperson meets with county Republicans

      Republicans from Marquette County met with Senator Tom Casperson to discuss local issues as well as some of the challenges facing the Republican Party.

      Students from Northern Michigan University told Casperson about the importance of jobs for college students once they graduate. During the meeting, Casperson also gave an update on County Road 595.

      "I think our attention has to shift over to how we're going to get the truck traffic out of the Kennecott mining operation. We're out of time and unfortunately because we're out of time, we have to look at a different route to get them out of there because there's not enough time. Even if we did keep pushing forward," said Casperson.

      Casperson says with more meetings on the way, they will have to decide between County Road 510 or County Road 550 as the main alternative route. The senator also says there needs to be more unity within the Republican Party even when members have a difference of opinion.