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      Casperson talks invasive species with Iron Co. residents

      State Senator Tom Casperson made a stop in Iron River Wednesday night talking to constituents about his bill on invasive species, including Eurasian Water Milfoil.

      The senator's proposed bill asks for changes to the law to help improve treatment and control of aquatic nuisance plant species. The bill calls for more efficiency and timeliness in the permit process needed for treatment. Local officials say it should be up to townships and counties to decide on permitting treatments. Casperson agreed. Concerning funding, he says permits are a way that the DEQ functions.

      "That's how they get their funding. In other words, we're not stepping up and helping them through a general fund in any big way at all. This funding, a lot of it, comes through the permit process," said Casperson.

      The bill also calls for speeding up the process of permit reviews and approvals in order to start tackling the issue soon.