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      Catch the Vision

      Classic car lovers got together outside the Applebee's in Marquette Township Saturday.

      Around 60 people showed off their classic cars for the second annual "Catch the Vision" car show and cruise. It's a free and family-friendly event put on by the Marquette Township Community Events Committee. Each driver who participated got a free lunch. The event also included a drop off for St. Vincent de Paul. There was a wide variety of vehicles on display from the 1920s to the 1990s, including the 1937 Marquette Township fire truck and a 1944 John Deere Model H tractor.

      "This is just so much fun to see all the different eras of cars and trucks and even a little camper, and just to get all the people together in the township, even though it's kind of a yucky day it's just a fun day to be out," said Denise Dupras, owner of the tractor. Dupras has another three antique tractors at home.

      The event ended with the drivers cruising around Presque Isle Park.