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      Catholic Bishop sets out to sample Upper Michigan

      The Catholic Diocese in Marquette is opening a worldwide year of faith with a special trip across the Upper Peninsula.

      Bishop Alexander Sample will cross the U.P., north and south, as well as east to west, holding special masses. The trip is in the spirit of the Venerable Bishop Baraga who made his way across the U.P., spreading the gospel.

      "What I'm trying to do is really draw attention to the importance of this year of faith and try to awaken, among the people of God, the Catholic faithful of the Upper Peninsula, an awareness of this year of faith and the call for them to draw deeper into their own faith," said Bishop Sample.

      Bishop Sample will begin with a mass at Our Lady of the Pines Mission in Copper Harbor on Saturday, October 20 at 10 a.m. Sample will travel from Copper Harbor to Menominee on Saturday. On Sunday, he'll begin in Ironwood and end at Drummond Island.

      Before each mass, a procession will be held where Bishop Sample will carry a handmade cross that will be planted at each church.