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      Catholic officials plan big for Bishop Baraga Days

      Bishop Baraga Days is getting set to start, and this year is very special for the Catholic Diocese of Marquette.

      As the Diocese celebrates the Vatican bestowing the title of Venerable upon Bishop Baraga, they have big things planned. A group of Slovenian church officials will be hosting a Slovenian mass on Saturday.

      A walking tour of Baraga's Tomb and a house that he stayed at in Marquette will also be a part of the celebration.

      "This is not just a celebration for the church but a celebration for the people. It is a celebration of the Upper Peninsula, it's a celebration of the greatness of Bishop Baraga," said Father Ben Paris. "It truly is, it's just a big celebration of who he was and who we are. In fact we in the Upper Peninsula are a reflection of Bishop Baraga."

      The celebration kicks off on Saturday, September 22 and runs through Sunday evening. For a complete list of events, check out the Bishop Baraga Days website.