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      Catholic parishioner not allowed to minister

      A parishioner from St. Michaels Catholic Church in Marquette says he was not allowed to participate in Sundays mass with the rest of the congregation.

      For Bobby Glenn Brown and his lifetime partner Don Roberts, last Saturday was filled with love as they celebrated 31 years together with a commitment ceremony.

      While their good news spread throughout social media, Brown was faced with disappointing news when he showed up for mass at St. Michaels Church.

      "They told me if I wanted to worship that I could worship in the vestibule and listen, but that I would not be able to participate," said Bobby Glenn Brown.

      Brown served on the pastoral council, as a cantor, lector, and sang in the choir, but on Sunday was told he couldn't take part in those roles.

      He's been attending mass there for eight years, was baptized and has been an official member for the last three years.

      He says he was very open about his relationship with his life partner Don, but says this came as a surprise.

      "It was sad and I also felt shunned or not welcomed," Brown said.

      We reached out to the Diocese for Marquette for more information regarding their sudden decision.

      In a written statement Bishop John Doerfler says "Everyone is invited to follow Jesus Christ and is invited to be a part of the Catholic Church. One of the qualifications for the public ministry within the Catholic Church is willingness to give witness to the Gospel and the Church's teachings. Such ministries include serving at Mass as a lector or cantor. The inability to serve in a ministry does not disqualify a person from being a member of the Church."

      Brown says he's always felt welcomed by parishioners, but says the church's action contradicts their teachings and sends mixed messages.

      "I love and respect everyone at St. Michael and it wasn't their decision it was the church's decision. I understand that, but at the same time I think things can change and they need to change," Brown explains.

      As for Bobby he doesn't plan to go back to St. Michaels for now.

      He says he's received an outpouring of love and has been welcomed at other churches in the area.

      For now he says he will find another place to worship.